API Access

The Supporting Cast APIs allow you to integrate your software directly into Supporting Cast.


  • Access is over HTTPS
  • Requests all have the base path https://api.supportingcast.fm/v1/
  • All data is sent and received as JSON. Requests must have this header:
    Accept: application/json


  • All requests must have an Authorization header with an OAuth token. The header should be in this format:
    Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN
  • Supporting Cast tokens are created, invalidated, and otherwise managed at the API Tokens admin page under your subdomain at /admin/tokens


All lists will be paginated. The default page size is 100 records. Our API will return up to 500 records in a page.

Request Limits

API clients are limited in how quickly they can make requests. If they hit these limits, they will receive a 429 Too Many Requests error. If you are syncing data from your system and wish to make a large number of requests in a row, please use the /v1/bulk endpoint.

  • X-RateLimit-Limit - Total Allowed Requests
  • X-RateLimit-Remaining - Remaining Requests for this API endpoint
  • Retry-After - How many seconds until you can make another request to this API endpoint
  • X-RateLimit-Reset - Timestamp when the current lock will reset

Current Limits

  • /v1/memberships/* 100 GET requests every 10 seconds, 60 PUT/POST requests every 10 seconds
  • /v1/managerships/* 100 GET requests every 10 seconds, 60 PUT/POST requests every 10 seconds
  • /v1/bulk - 1 request every 10 seconds. (but each request can call up to 100 APIs)
  • DELETE requests - 10 requests every 10 seconds
  • All other GET/PUT/POST requests - 60 requests every 10 seconds

All requests share the same counter. For example, if you use all 10 DELETE requests, you will still have 50 PUT/POST requests or 90 /v1/membership GET requests remaining.

If you need to increase these limits, please contact your account representative or email us at team@supportingcast.fm