Wordpress - Woocommerce

The Wordpress plugin can integrate with Woocommerce to sell podcasts that are delivered through Supporting Cast.

Plugin Configuration

  • Get an API token for Supporting Cast (Instructions)
  • Select "Wordpress" as the user source
  • Select a default plan. This plan must be configured in Supporting Cast first, all Woocommerce members will be created with this Supporting Cast plan. If you don't wish to grant access to any content by default, this plan should be empty (no feeds associated with it)
  • Review the list of order statuses that grant access to products
  • Press "Save Changes"

Linking a Woocommerce product to Supporting Cast

Each product can grant access to a specific feed (or feeds) in Supporting Cast. If you haven't setup your feeds in the Supporting Cast Admin, you'll need to do so before you can associate them with Woocommerce products.

  • Login to your Wordpress Admin
  • Find the woocommerce product you want to link to Supporting Cast
  • Go to the "Supporting Cast" tab in the product configuration
  • Click in the feeds box and select one or more feeds to associate with this Woocommerce product
  • As soon as you hit save, the product will be created (or updated) on Supporting Cast (even if you don't publish the changes right away in Wordpress)
  • If this product had been purchased before you linked it to Supporting Cast, you'll need to run the Supporting Cast sync tool to grant access to any existing users.
    You only need to do this if you link a product with previous purchases to Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast Sync Tool

Whenever a purchase is made, the user's purchases are automatically synchronized with Supporting Cast. If the Woocommerce product you are linking to Supporting Cast has already been purchased, you'll need to run the sync tool to grant access to any existing users. Otherwise the users will not be given access until they make another purchase and their Supporting Cast account is synchronized.

You only need to do this if you link a product with existing purchases to Supporting Cast.
If you have already linked the product to Supporting Cast, and you decide to change the feeds associated with the product, you do NOT have to run the sync tool again. (The user already has access to the product, even if the feeds associated with the product change)

  • The sync tool is located in the Tools menu in your Wordpress admin
  • Click Start Syncing to begin
  • You must stay on this page while the tool is running! Wordpress does not have the ability to run jobs in the background, exiting this page will stop the syncing process.
    The purchases will be synced in segments of 100 users at a time to prevent running into any time limits that may be present in shared hosting environments
  • Once the tool is finished, the bar will turn green